Predicting Employee Attrition: R vs DMWay

Photo: Littal Shemer Haim ©     We are all familiar with the story of David and Goliath, a shepherd who has defeated a mighty warrior, and the allegory of the underdog beating the giant. Is this story applicable to “People Analytics”? In our fictional battle today, the giant would be R, the super-power open-source progra... More

Will “People Analytics” Be “Open-Source”?

Photo: Littal Shemer Haim ©       When I’m asked about my job title, sometimes I joke and say “Eternal Student”. Practically, it is quite precise, considering the fact that most of my career consists of learning opportunities, which I happily grab. Aren’t we all? However, reflecting on the years, I’m pretty sure ... More

Employee Engagement Survey: 3 essential processes that follow data collection

Photo: Littal Shemer Haim ©     Employee engagement is defined as an “emotional attachment” of employees to the company, and the efforts they are willing to offer as a result. Measuring employee engagement in a survey may determine how avid employees are, regarding their jobs and roles, how valued they feel at work, and ... More

Who are you, my fellow “People Analytics Leader”?

Photo: Littal Shemer Haim ©     The “People Analytics” domain is gaining a lot of attention worldwide, though most of the people I meet in the Israeli HR arena have not decided yet to formalize such a role within HR departments. I believe that times are changing, and new practices will surely shake the state of affairs. ... More

The Complexity of People Analytics Resolved: 5 Perspectives of Definition

Photo: Littal Shemer Haim ©     I’ve witnessed a lot of interest in the domain of People analytics this year, among HR and other C-level managers that I met in Tel Aviv. At some point of any networking conversation, I’ve always been asked to explain how different People analytics is, from the traditional Organizational ... More

Effectiveness of employee evaluation process

Photo: Littal Shemer Haim ©   Many organizations conduct periodical employee evaluation. Traditionally, the evaluation process is performed by managers or supervisors, but some organizations expand the process to include other participants, i.e., professional managers, colleagues, and employees themselves. The employee ... More

I’m an HR Data Strategist. What do I do for Companies? (Photography by Littal Shemer Haim)

I’m an HR Data Strategist. What do I do for Companies?

Photo: Littal Shemer Haim © People analytics is gaining speed in 2016. HR departments are becoming an important source of data in organizations, in which more people data are used to improve the business. While implementing more predictive analytics and sophisticated analytics, HR is becoming data-driven ... More